Recycled T-Shirts

New! Recycled cotton blend short sleeve tee.

• Recycled tees help the earth because cotton fibers do not require land use or intensive irrigation therefore no fertilizers or pesticides are needed.

• The manufacturing process reduces energy and resource use. 

• How is an recycled tee manufactured? 

Step 1: Textile waste or clippings are collected from several pre-consumer venues: new apparel cuttings, upholstery and trim fabric, yarn waste, industrial fibers and tire cord. 

Step 2: Clippings are sorted by color and chopped into a fine linty material called “shoddy”. 

Step 3: Shoddy is then spun into a yarn that is used to produce recycled tees.

• How do recycled tees eliminate waste?

The recycled process reduces incinerator and landfill use by reprocessing pre-consumer textile waste into consumer-ready shirts.

Are recycled tees dyed?

Recycled cotton fibers require no new dying because they are color blended by using pre-consumer textile clippings.

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